Post-production on my documentary “Have Fun, Ride a Bike”, an overview of the bicycle emporium Rockets & Rascals has been completed. I am proud to announce the release of the documentary online on both Vimeo and YouTube, as well as adding a new page to my portfolio.

This has been my biggest project yet, with over 25 hours of production across 5 days and almost the same number of hours in the editing room. While working on the project with my crew, I also reached out to a new collaborator, Sam Ware, who composed the music for the project and the accompanying bike build timelapse. You can find out more about “Have Fun, Ride a Bike” by reading my previous blog posts.

I have entered “Have Fun, Ride a Bike” into the 2014 Plymouth Film Festival in the documentary category. Fingers crossed!

You can watch the finished “Have Fun, Ride a Bike” documentary below, or on my portfolio page.

Also available to watch on YouTube here.

To find out more about Rockets & Rascals, please check out their website here. You can also reach them via their official Facebook page or Twitter.

Rockets & Rascals Sign