Recently, some of my photography work was displayed as part of the Subtext Exhibition, held on the University of Plymouth’s main campus on the 6th May 2014.

Subtext was a challenging theme with many definitions or interpretations, which allowed for a wide variety of work to be created and showcased during the exhibition, including sculptures, video installations and still image.

My chosen medium for the project was a still image collage titled “Defacement”; I created a large 30″ by 24″ canvas backed with foam-board with four 8″ by 12″ photographs mounted on top to create an almost three-dimensional effect. The subject of my piece was graffiti and related wall-art, with the four mounted photographs showing different tags and artworks found in the streets around Plymouth.

Test images taken as practice for "Defacement"

Test images taken as practice for “Defacement”

The debate whether graffiti can be seen as art or vandalism is ongoing, with support from either side. One thing is for certain, however: people respond to the work in different ways.

I was particularly interested in raising questions about these unseen, unknown artists of the graffiti as well as the “dialogue” created by other people – my photos showed that others had defaced, destroyed or added to the walls in response to the original works. For example, someone painted a tear onto a large face, while others scribbled replies to spray-painted statements.

The Subtext Exhibition, was an enriching project that allowed me to fully explore my own creative side and show my work to the public. Some of the other works present were created by previous collaborators of mine, including Israel Wilson and Matthew Chappell, two artists who I was pleased to work alongside again.

I am very grateful to have been a part of the exhibition and to have collaborated with so many creative professionals.

You can view “Defacement” on my portfolio page here.

'Defacement' on display

‘Defacement’ on display


30″ by 24″ photographic canvas mounted on foam-board.