During a recent trip to Berlin, Germany, I visited the CWC Gallery to view the “Portraits” exhibition by photographer Martin Schoeller.

Schoeller’s style of portraiture features well-lit subjects in a “hyper-detailed close up” style, with the exhibition at the CWC Gallery showing more than 60 works of celebrity subjects in ways you may have never seen them before. Some of the subjects featured in the exhibition include George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Iggy Pop, Michael Douglas and fellow photographer, Cindy Sherman.

Christian Bale & Sean Combs portraits by Martin Schoeller on display at the CWC Gallery, Berlin.

Walking in to the CWC Gallery, I was first impressed and initially fooled by the realistic model dummy security guard standing just inside the gallery, a sculpture by American artist Marc Sijan.

Security guard sculpture by Marc Sijan – Image Credit: Alex Coleman-Porter

Moving past the guard, I approached some of Schoeller’s work, noting that the large scale portrait of George Clooney seemed to dominate the room and demand attention though perhaps the most iconic of Schoeller’s pieces in the exhibition was that of Christian Bale, his features grotesquely contorted and covered in blood – posing for the photograph of course as his character from “American Psycho”, Patrick Bateman.

Portraits by Martin Schoeller on display at the CWC Gallery, Berlin, including Wes Anderson (left).

Portraits by Martin Schoeller on display at the CWC Gallery, Berlin, including Wes Anderson (left).

Moving from room to room, I tried to take in all of the photographs, though I must confess that I did not recognise all of the subjects. I did, however, become more impressed by the composition and lighting of each image which added drama, sex appeal or humour to each image.

Five Portraits

After viewing the “Portraits” exhibition, Martin Schoeller has now become one of my most inspirational photographers due to his great emphasis to detail.

The “Portraits” Martin Schoeller exhibition will be shown at the CWC Gallery from November 21 to February 28, 2015.


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