I was recently involved in the Foto Here & Now event, a joint collaboration between Fotonow CIC and Plymouth University Media Arts students that ran on the 30th April 2015.

The free photographic event featured a geodesic photo dome where members of the public could get their photo taken and projected inside Roland Levinsky Building. A team of VJs would “mash up” the photographs with historical archive footage of Plymouth’s past, with music also played from a live DJ, Vincent Morgia.

Photo 30-04-2015 08 49 48

The event itself was the third in a series of “Digital Mash Ups” ran by Fotonow, their first being held in 2012 and the second returning in 2014. The first Digital Mash Up saw Fotonow visiting Plymouth, Bristol and Swindon, to use the BBC Big Screens in cities for hosting a live multimedia event. The second Digital Mash Up was ran in collaboration with Plymouth University Media Arts students and was titled Fotonow & Then, held in the Plymouth city centre.

I collaborated with filmmaker Piran Miller to create the highlights film for the event, shooting time-lapses of the geodesic dome being constructed and shooting some of the shots on Piran’s Sony A7s.

Fotonow Event

Using ND filters on my Canon 600D, I captured long exposure time-lapses of the dome’s construction and later, of the visitors to the dome. The time-lapses were captured using Magic Lantern, a firmware upgrade I had installed onto my camera. I used a similar set up to my previous experiments in time-lapsing.

TL Setup Settings April

ML settings

The official Facebook page for the event can be found here, including all of the portrait photographs taken on the day. Alternatively, you can view the event’s photographs on Flickr here.

You can check out the “Foto Here & Now” highlights video on my portfolio page, or directly on my Vimeo or YouTube.

Fotonow CIC are a non-profit organisation that seeks to use photography and the arts as a catalyst for social change. You can find out more about Fotonow CIC and their work on their website here.