“Hedera” is the moving image piece I displayed as part of the Regeneration Exhibition held on the University of Plymouth’s main campus which launched on the 5th May 2015.

The Regeneration exhibition was a collaboration of mixed media pieces and the broad theme allowed for a variety of work to be displayed including still images and video installations.

“Hedera” (the Latin name for the genus of ivy plants) is a silent video installation with sculptural elements, exhibited in a white walled alcove space. I created a 2 min 11 sec looping film with footage representing the industrial world and the reclamation of these spaces by nature.

The relationship between the natural and the industrial is complex – while natural resources power the mechanized world, they also seek to reclaim it.

“Hedera” Signage Description

I was interested in the links between the natural and the industrial world and visually represented this with the film and the physical vines around the television screen. The ivy vines surrounding the screen acted as both circuitry for the screen and therefore the industrial shots as well as a physical representation of the reclamation of developed spaces, shown in some shots.


The contrast between the images shown on the screen and the vines snaking out from behind represent the divide between the two worlds of nature and industry and how they interact with each other.

“Hedera” was my first display of moving image work in a gallery setting. This was a development from my photographic collage “Defacement“, displayed as part of the Subtext Exhibition in 2014. I was grateful for the opportunity to showcase my work to the public and use moving image to create a visually interesting exhibition piece, using sculptural elements to draw in the viewer.


You can also view “Hedera” on my portfolio page here, directly on Vimeo or in 4K resolution on YouTube.

The Regeneration Exhibition held on the University of Plymouth’s main campus opened with a launch event on the 5th May and was open to the public until the 6th May 2015.