Recently, I worked with Babylon Health and The Lions Barber Collective on a video project to promote Babylon’s app. These two groups are innovating the way we treat mental health conditions, and the project aims to promote this to the public.

Babylon app being used on a smartphone

Project outline

The video consists of an interview with Tom Chapman, founder of The Lions Barber Collective and pioneer for men’s mental health and suicide prevention. During the interview, Tom draws parallels between Babylon’s app and his own work – both projects are great innovators for mental health treatment, making counselling more accessible. Tom is extremely passionate about his work and it clearly shows. You can read Tom’s blog post about “Breaking Down the Mental Health Stigma” here.

A barber's comforting hand resting on his client

The project was completed with a tight turnaround of just 6 days from the initial planning through to production and completion. The final video has seen great success on Babylon’s Facebook Page with over 36,000 views (and counting!).

Where to watch

You can watch the final video on Babylon’s Facebook at the link above, or embedded at the top of this post. Captions are baked in to the video for accessibility. The video is also available in my portfolio here.

Find out more

To find out more about Babylon Health and their game-changing healthcare app, please visit their website. And if you’re interested in finding out more about The Lions Barber Collective and the great work they do to raise awareness for men’s mental health, you can access their site here.

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