Hedera - Adam Read Media
“Hedera” – Regeneration Exhibition
3rd June 2015

‘Hedera’ – the moving image installation displayed as part of the Regeneration Exhibition, held in Plymouth, 5 – 6th May 2015.

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Martin Schoeller Exhibition
9th February 2015

My experiences with Martin Schoeller’s “Portraits” exhibition at the CWC Gallery in Berlin, Germany.

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Devon Wildlife Festival 2014 Video Release
7th August 2014

Devon Wildlife Festival 2014 official highlights video now released! Watch on Vimeo, YouTube or on my website!

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Defacement - Adam Read Media
“Defacement” – Subtext Exhibition
11th May 2014

“Defacement” – my piece installed as part of the Subtext Exhibition, held in Plymouth, 6th May 2014.

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Have Fun, Ride a Bike Title
Have Fun, Ride a Bike Documentary Released
11th April 2014

I’m proud to announce the release of my documentary “Have Fun, Ride a Bike”, an overview of the bicycle emporium Rockets & Rascals.

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Have Fun, Ride a Bike – Bike Build Timelapse
4th April 2014

A teaser for my upcoming documentary “Have Fun, Ride a Bike”

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Have Fun, Ride a Bike – Documentary
16th March 2014

A new project – a documentary on “Rockets & Rascals”, a bicycle emporium in the Barbican area of Plymouth.

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