Beyond the Rail

Commercial / Competition

Award-winning submission for the 2014/15 YCN Student Awards Europe – The Idle Man brief.


Create a marketing campaign for The Idle Man, a men’s online-only clothing retailer, to raise awareness of their brand in their target audience of 18-25 year old males.

Response and Deliverables

The ‘Beyond the Rail’ campaign slogan invited consumers to forego shopping on the high street and instead browse from the comfort of their own home.

In a small group, we created an advert designed for broadcast on television or online viewing, along with an animated digital banner and a series of short social media ads to flesh out the campaign.


'Beyond the Rail' Still

Still from ‘Beyond the Rail’

Roles:     Director, DOP, Camera Operator, Editor, Colourist.

Collaborators:     Conor Carroll, Jasmine Casey, Matt Chappell.

The ‘Beyond the Rail’ campaign received a commendation in the 2014/15 YCN Student Awards and was declared the overall winner for the brief by The Idle Man. The full list of commended students can be found on the YCN website.

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The Idle Man brief – 2014/15 YCN Student Awards Europe.
The Idle Man
Help The Idle Man connect with 18-25 year old guys

The Creative Challenge
Two words. Awareness and Purchase.
We want you to create a campaign and overarching campaign idea that creates a bang, a campaign that launches The Idle Man into the minds and wallets of young men; positioning us as the go-to store for men’s fashion. Be as creative as you want, but remember the idea must be able to transcend across multiple media formats from social media to TV to digital banners. Which media formats you choose to articulate the idea in is entirely up to you, but we want to see examples of how the idea works.