Champagne Bollinger Tasting

Commercial / Events

Champagne Bollinger Tasting – a glamorous event held at Le Vignoble. Guests tasted six different bottles of Bollinger, including the 2009 vintage celebrating the release of the new Bond film, “Spectre”.

The red carpet event was also held in collaboration with Grange of Exeter, who supplied an Aston Martin DB9 for the event.

Roles: Director, DOP, Camera Operator, Editor

Motion graphics created by Charlie Freeman. Music composed by Jess Clarke.

Also available on YouTube here.

You can find out more about my collaboration with Le Vignoble in my blog post, and you can read more about the Champagne Bollinger Tasting held at Le Vignoble here.

Check out “Love the Vine”, a documentary of Le Vignoble featuring an interview with the owner, Yannick.

To find out more about Le Vignoble, please visit their website.

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